Subject: Backflow Prevention

Discipline: Public Health

Specifically regarding Backflow Prevention, in the adjacent photo what potential issue would need to be checked to ensure the services installation is compliant?

Possible Answers:

The image shows a long shower hose quite close to the WC. If the shower head can reach the WC, then the shower will need to be treated as a Category 5 risk, or amendments made to avoid the shower head reaching the WC. Acceptable solutions are: - Fit fluid category five backflow devices to the hot and cold supplies to the shower mixer. This is unlikely to be feasible. - Shorten/move the hose so it is not possible for the shower head to reach the WC. - Use a restraining ring to fasten the hose so that it cannot reach the WC. If used, the restraining ring should be designed and fitted so that it is robust enough not to be easily broken or have the hose removed from it. If the layout allows it (not in this example) another option is to fit a shower screen between the shower and WC, so the hose isn’t long enough to reach round the screen to the WC.