Subject: Ventilation

Discipline: Mechanical

A studio apartment with a floor area of 30m2 is ventilated by a continuously running MEV system. The apartment consists of a combined bedroom/kitchen/living space, a bathroom and a utility cupboard. The washing machine is located in the kitchen and the utility cupboard contains a HIU. For minimum compliance with Approved Document F, what is the apartment's minimum extract rate? Table 1.2 from Approved Document F is included for reference.

Possible Answers:

In this scenario the minimum extract requirements are from the bathroom (8 l/s) and kitchen (13 l/s) to total 21 l/s. The definition of a "Utility Room" by Approved Document F is "A room containing a sink or other feature or equipment that may reasonably be expected to produce significant quantities of water vapour.". As there is no such piece of equipment in the utility cupboard, there is technically no requirement by Approved Document F for extract ventilation in this instance. If we now consider going beyond minimum compliance - due to the heat gain from the HIU, although not specifically required under minimum extract rate, it may be beneficial to include an extract point in the utility cupboard to avoid excessive heat build up from the HIU.