Subject: Ventilation

Discipline: Mechanical

An apartment is served by a continuous mechanical ventilation system. At high ventilation rate, what noise level limit does Approved Document Part F require in a bathroom?

Possible Answers:

Approved Document F clause 1.7 refers to noise level requirements of a ventilation system. Clause 1.7.b specifically refers to noise levels in "less noise-sensitive areas" (such as bathrooms and kitchens) as not to exceed 45dB L Aeq,T when running at high rate (or intermittent rate). This section also requires the noise level in "noise-sensitive areas" (such as living rooms, bedrooms etc) at low/continuous ventilation rate not to exceed 30dB Aeq,T. In addition to the noise requirements within Approved Document F, the Acoustician on a project may set additional requirements and should be consulted to check if they are specifying more stringent requirements. For reference, some example noise levels are: - 10dBA normal breathing. - 20-30dBA rustling leaves. - 30-40dBA soft whisper. - 60dBA normal conversation. - 90dBA petrol lawnmower. - 140dBA airplane take off.