Subject: Car Charging

Discipline: Electrical

A new-build office development will be provided with 100 parking spaces, all of which are in the basement of the development. To comply with App Doc S, what provision for electric car charging is required?

Possible Answers:

As all parking spaces are in a covered car park, App Doc S clause 3.4 states “Where all parking spaces are within a covered car park, the requirement to install an electric vehicle charge point does not apply. Cable routes must still be provided for a minimum of one in five parking spaces.” Note that if any of the parking spaces were outside (not in a covered car park) then: - one of the outside parking spaces would need to be provided with a charging point (App Doc S clause 3.3), - and the remaining uncovered parking spaces provided with cable routes until the 1/5 requirement is met (App Doc S clause 3.3), - and any shortfall of the 1/5 requirement being made up within the covered car park (App Doc S clause 3.1.b).