Subject: Approved Document R Compliance

Discipline: Electrical

Which of the following options correctly completes the summary of the requirements of Approved Document R (2016)? "Provide in-building physical infrastructure to...

Possible Answers:

The exact wording is "Requirement R1 is to provide the in-building physical infrastructure so that, in future, copper or fibre-optic cables or wireless devices capable of delivering broadband speeds greater than 30 mbps can be installed." The Approved Document does not require the installation of any actual cabling or equipment - it requires suitable provision for future cabling/equipment as per clauses 1.3 and 1.4, referred to as "in-building physical infrastructure". Such speeds are possible using a partially copper cabled system and as such it is not a requirement to use a fully fibre-optic system. Regarding within the demise of a tenant/occupant - Part R does not require any provision for future cabling beyond the network termination point (as per clause 1.4). The network termination point is the physical point at which an occupier is provided with access to the internet.